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This page provides a general description of our tools. Click on Go To Catalog for details and to place an order.

We are very proud of the fact that virtually all of our tools are made right here in the USA. All of our handles are made from local wood, much of which is harvested from windfall.

Tite-Mark(tm) Marking Gauges

Designed to be used with one hand, the Tite-Mark is a precision marking gauge with a unique micro-adjustable head that gives you precise, repeatable settings for perfect lines every time.

Joinery Saws

Our joinery saws are uniquely designed with variable pitches along with starting and stopping ramps that allow the saws to move before and after they cut, the same way power saws move before and after they cut. There are three pitch variations to choose from (fine, medium and coarse) and they all fit the same back, making them replaceable and interchangeable. The blades are also all available in rip or crosscut configurations.


Tite-Hammers, the newest hammers from Glen-Drake Toolworks, are great for carving and other close work. These little energy-savers are a unique blend of hammer and mallet.

Right and Left-Handed Plane-Adjusting Hammers

Our hardened steel plane-adjusting hammers have one face domed for plane adjusting, and one face ground to a shape that fits the breaker screw. And what a difference a tool that actually fits the breaker screw makes!

Right and Left-Handed Chisel Hammers

Our chisel hammers are milled from solid brass billets, have one face domed and one face flat. The domed face transfers the blow directly to the cutting edge without pushing your chisel to one side or the other.


The Kerf-Starter looks like a knife but works like a scraper. It removes a shaving, leaving a kerf that captures your saw. Use it for laying out dovetails and other joinery.

Scraper File-Burnisher

The Scraper File-Burnisher is a very fine file on one side and a burnisher on the other side and both edges. It is ideal for adding the hook-burr to your Kerf-Starters and for the final filing and burnishing of your card and other scrapers.

Offset Gauge

The Offset Gauge is a set of 35 leaves (.015" to .035") in a brass holder. It is designed to be used when you are laying out one piece from another, and you want to offset the already-cut piece to keep your layout lines in the waste. It is especially useful in conjuction with our Kerf-Starter.

Turning Tools

Our spindle-turning tools are designed for the woodworker who wants to make their own spindles, pull, pegs, plugs, and other furniture components.